Book Review : Hiding in Plain Sight by Eoghan Egan

The Blurb : A vicious serial killer roams the Irish Midlands… with his sights set on the next victim. A successful businessman has found the perfect recipe for getting away with murder. No bodies, no evidence. No evidence, no suspect. High art and low morals collide when graduate Sharona Waters discovers a multi-million euro art scam in play. She delves in, unwittingly putting herself on a direct trajectory with danger as the killer accelerates his murder spree. When Sharona gets drawn into the killer’s orbit, she peels away his public persona and exposes the psychopath underneath. Suddenly, the small town has no hiding place…

Review (Amazon 4 stars)

Set in a close-knit small town in Ireland’s midlands, Hiding in Plain Sight has an intriguing plot, engaging characters and a dark underbelly. A brutal serial killer (‘the art dealer’) stalks the close knit community of Ganestown, looking for his next victim. Meanwhile family life goes on as usual as we are introduced to an extensive cast of characters within or linked to the art world.

With such a large cast, it took me a while to establish everybody, but once I’d done so, my favourite character was Hugh; with an errant girlfriend, a spell of unemployment looming over him, and a mum with advanced Alzheimer’s, he already has enough on his plate without getting sucked into the orbit of serial killers…

A pacey and intricately written thriller.

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