Dear Rodney, thank you for staying another day

rodney bev selfie Aug15

In her autobiography The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction, Dallas actress Linda Gray talks about her daily gratitude walk.

Linda’s life challenges have been well documented; she suffered polio as a child, grew up with an alcoholic mother, and entered an abusive marriage at twenty two.  After her big break in Dallas at 38, the trials kept coming, with a marriage break up and the loss of her sister to breast cancer.

Yet Linda – now in her 70s – is known not only for her limpid eyed portrayal of Sue-Ellen, but for her grace, beauty and wisdom.  In her book, she describes her gratitude walk as a time to contemplate her many blessings, and the cornerstone of every day.

I have a good friend, who is beautiful, kind and very spiritual, who also takes the time (and head space) to do this – and she radiates happiness and goodwill.  This woman is not alone; a growing army of us are doing exactly this – and reaping the spiritual benefits.

As a person who battles melancholy and depression, for me, living in this way is more of an aspiration than an achievement…but I’m getting there. One thing I have done consistently for the last year, is to begin each day by thanking my wonderful old doggie for staying with me another day.  I say it out loud, the moment I open my eyes and feel his warmth beside me.

One day, it will not be the case, but for every day Rodney is here, I am truly grateful.  The walk we do together, around the streets and green spaces where we live, is our gratitude walk, whatever the weather, and however slow the pace.

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