Book Review : The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia

The Magic Touch is the third book I have read and enjoyed by Kelly Florentia and it was a joy from first to last page. The author has an effervescent style and writes with such empathy that at times I felt I was reading someone’s journal as I could totally imagine her being in the same situation as her protagonist; in this case, Emma King, a talented but struggling illustrator, part time waitress and long-term live-in girlfriend of Harry Georgiades.

From the outset, I warmed to Emma and her resistance to be subsumed by Harry’s loving but somewhat overwhelming family. We soon learn that Emma and Harry have hit a rough patch in their relationship. The gloss is off, and thanks to an ambiguous text from another woman on Harry’s mobile, a degree of mistrust has set in. Emma’s suspicions are egged on by a circle of friends that includes slinky Ola, and psychic Caroline. The latter has launched a phone app ‘The Magic Touch’, that provides daily predictions, some of which are spookily accurate. Moreover, there are flashes of paranormal activity throughout the story that I personally found chilling.

Whilst romance sits at the heart of TMT, don’t expect twee and cosy. In common with No Way Back and Her Secret, TMT is an edgy, modern and quirky saga that leans away from the sentimental. I found myself giggling one minute and horrified the next – for example, we learn that Emma has experienced real trauma in a previous relationship. Then there’s the ‘Marc factor’; to say any more about this entanglement would be a plot-spoiler but suffice to say that this angle kept the pace and suspense going at a trot.

I loved the complexity of Emma and Harry’s relationship (it felt very real and grown up to me); pair this with Kelly Florentia’s vibrant writing style which provides just the right level of insight into each character, and it all adds up to a no-brainer five-stars.

Finally, eagle-eyed readers will note a brief reference to latter day heroine, Audrey Fox.



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