Book Review: In The Dark by Cara Hunter

I’m wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year, and am kicking off my blog for 2019 with my review of In The Dark, which I enjoyed immensely and awarded 5 stars on Amazon.

In the Dark is Cara Hunter’s second novel in her DI Adam Fawley series. Personally, I preferred it to the first book. The crime was meatier and more original; a young woman and a small child are discovered imprisoned in a cellar by builders working on the house next door and DI Fawley and his Oxford based Thames Valley Police force are tasked with finding the culprit. It’s a twisty tale; I found myself jumping from one suspect to another and the ending was a revelation.

Adding to the richness of the plot are the back stories of the key police officers and their various domestic troubles. I very much liked the character expansion of the team and the respective chemistry and rivalry between them – a natural and welcome progression from Ms Hunter’s earlier volume, ‘Close to Home’ (which I also enjoyed).  I’m looking forward to the third in this series ‘No Way Out’ which is due shortly.

Overall, In The Dark is a pacey and compelling read and I highly recommend this competent blend of psychological thriller and police procedural.

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