Book review: As If I Were A River by Amanda Saint

This novel is an intriguing and thought-provoking read. From the beginning it’s like being followed by a blowing crisp packet; you know there is something behind you, and don’t know whether to feel scared or not.

The opening premise is the disappearance of Jimmy, husband of Kate, our main protagonist. As Kate’s life quickly unravels, she questions everything she believes and values, and starts digging away at a past mired in secrets and lies.

The story is narrated by three protagonists, spanning three generations. The main characters are well-drawn and believable (no ‘good-egg’ saccharine heroines between Amanda Saint’s pages) and like the river in the apt title, the story ebbs and flows, sweeping the past into the present and beyond.

This book defies categorisation – and much of its power lies in its originality. I liked it – a lot.

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