Waiting for daddy

The seconds tick by, one, two, three, four
Like rivers to the ocean, becoming hours
Standing by the door, peering up the lane
Will he find us, Mummy, in all this rain?

Small ears cocked, waiting for the car
To break the hum-drum, with hugs and laughter
A tower of fun to scale and climb
Without irritation, or lack of time

Mama is tired, it’s time for bed
Away from the window, say your prayers instead
Don’t cheek me, Madam! You’ll do as you’re told
Or when Daddy gets home, his young ‘un he’ll scold

Only not tonight – nor for a week or so
How to tell a child Daddy had to go
To be with a lover, who’s stolen his heart
But for you, my angel, we’ll both play our part

Of being good parents and doing what’s right
Protecting and caring; holding you tight
Through the storms and the nightmares, disappointments at school
Civilised adults who’ll play by the rules