Seeking Eden

“I absolutely loved this book! Good strong, interesting characters and storyline. Very well written, kept me gripped from beginning to end – highly recommend.”
Laura, Amazon

“I slipped into the world of Seeking Eden effortlessly, desperate to discover how the lives of the residents of Eden Hill would pan out.”
Kelly Florentia, Author

“I thoroughly enjoyed Seeking Eden and found the storyline intriguing and fun, with a hint of humour and naughtiness.”
Lisa, Amazon

“From the moment it was delivered I couldn’t put it down. The characters are so real. I loved every bit of it.”
Mrs. G. Moore, Amazon

“I started reading it on the plane to our holiday but couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days.”
Stephanie, Amazon

“Seeking Eden was such a joy to read. I flew through the pages.”
Jo Worgan, Author & Book blogger

“A great debut novel, a real page turner. The characters are well observed and the plot unfolds beautifully.
The author is comfortable writing from both a male and female perspective.”
Huw, Amazon

“Beverley Harvey is exceptionally good when reckoning with the vicissitudes of the human heart. The principal characters are allowed to be both deep and shallow, vain and selfless, mean and forgiving, trivial and wise. As such, they rise from the page as believable and sympathetic, as people who could be any one of us.”
Mark Mayes, Author

“From the outset, I knew I would not be putting it down anytime soon! An outstanding enjoyable and entertaining read with some great twists and turns…a fantastic strong plot, great characters and a lovely ending. I could imagine this book being made into a drama series and it would be so fantastic! ”
Amazon reviewer

“Well done to Beverley Harvey and her unique writing style. I was completely hooked from the outset. There is so much more depth to this novel than would first appear.”
Michelle, Amazon

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