Memory Lane

An email from an old friend
And a gate swings open
Creaking in its decrepitude
Leave the past behind, you warned
But I could not look away
From a ghostly call to arms

A trip down narrow memory lanes
Left me crunching gears for days
Mirror, signal, manoeuvre in a seven-point turn
Dangerous to look back, you said
I feel the fetid fingers
Of the past upon my spine

There’s a reason you lost touch, you say
Leopards keep their spots
But I, powered by vanity and pride
In makeup, heels and swishy scarf
Take a taxi into town
Too curious to stay away

To find a man with yellow teeth and little hair
Where once there had been chocolate curls
I was a rat, he says – forgive me, please?
Time has taken its revenge – no need to take my own
At home, you and I drink wine
And hold hands upon the stairs